Designer & Developer: Lu Liu
Output: Real-time Installation & Video & Custom Software (Java, MySQL, Processing)
Duration: 1 month

Voronoin is a project intends to implement the Voronoi diagram in AlloSphere, which provides an immersive environment for exploring abstract art. As a basic computational geometric algorithm, Voronoi has been utilized as an aesthetic structure in various forms of arts and related disciplines. 

This project based on an immersive virtual reality platform AlloSphere located in Media Arts & Technology Program, UC Santa Barbara.

The sphere environment integrates visual, sonic, sensory, and interactive components, 26 immersive projectors connected to a 14-computer rendering cluster, 54.1channels of sound, with multi-user interactivity. (More details about AlloSphere can be found at )

In this project, I implemented Voronoi as a medium to expressively explore the relationship between colors, spatial structure, and audio. Graphically, a basic 3D construction of Voronoi diagram will be created and mapped in AlloSphere as a starting point. A single cell will be highlighted at first; then more cells will be continuously painted by filling certain colors and patterns. After that, all highlighted cells start to flow around the whole space. Another presentation mode display subsequently, which only illuminate the edges of cells with constantly changed colors and brightness. Regarding the audio part, it corresponds to the graphic variations by pitch matching. 

This project is exhibited at UCSB Media Arts&Technology Program 2017 End of Year Show: Rehabituation, May, 2017