Cloud Testing Service


SmartMonkey was an internal testing tool for checking the iterations of Tencent social networking applications by providing random inputs, examining the abnormal behaviors, and seeing whether the application will crash. Given the fact that the needs of this cloud testing service significantly increasing from academics and industries, as a result, SmartMonkey needs re-design product features with full customer experience. My job is to re-design the interfaces for the webpage-side since SmartMonkey version 1.0 has no user-centered interfaces.


User Research: collaborated on users' needs gathering from customers and stakeholders

UI Design: created user flow, sketches, mockups and prototypes (30+ pages)

Visual Design: designed the homepage banner; established the UI kit

Review: Went through the flows with developer and PMs to check with functions and interactions 

Web-based Service Interfaces
2 weeks
1 Designer; 3 Product Managers​; 1 Data Scientist; 10 Developer

Re-Design Process


Interviews with the developer who used this service, both front-end and backend developer, and stakeholders such as product managers to identify customers' needs. It's all about TEST:       What to test? How to test? Why test?

User Story Mapping

Improvement I

Optimizing the Structure and Flows

SmartMonkey 1.0 involves a few use cases since it is only used to test several internal existing products. SmartMonkey 2.0 is required to perfect the logic for user flow by defining requirements and metrics of the product and considering detailed use scenarios based on user research. I used paper sketches and low-fidelity wireframes to quicky layout concepts and ideas; found problems to solve

Improvement II

Simplifying the Task Process

For some tasks which have long and tedious forms to submit, I dived into every single option on the forms to check their necessity.

Sometimes, it can be divided into several steps. Also, simplify the interaction language can also improve the time expense of understanding



Improvement III 

Determining and Unifying the Visual Identity

Before designed the high-fidelity prototype, it's crucial to establish a high-standard and detailed UI Design Kit. I strictly followed design guidelines to deliver design results


- Scope and Research


At the outset of a project, it’s important to construct the scope of the whole product. Clarifying the scope will help to prioritize the user stories to focus on and manage the timeline. 

- Don't be afraid of questions


"A problem well stated is a problem half solved" Charles Kettering. Questions are really good at pushing design iterations forward.