Intrinsic Variations

Designer & Developer: Lu Liu
Output: Interactive Installation & Custom Software (Kinect, Java, Processing)
Duration: 1 month

Intrinsic Variations is an interactive 3D virtual sculpture that converts human body motions captured by Kinect to Voronoi-based (a computational

geometry algorithm) virtual structures. The main focuses of this project are fluidity of Voronoi cells and transformation of cells themselves.

Because my goal is to find exciting shapes to reconstruct the human body, I chose the Voronoi algorithm, which represents a creative way of dividing space, to explore the cells. The flow speed and number of cells can be controlled through control P5 (menu) panel.

There are three main modes in this project. Line Mode / Blue Mode / Colorful Mode. Users can also add a delay effect on the motion and change the background color.

The background music is a piece of sound of real neurons communicating with one another: "The sound of cells talking" found and recorded by British Biologist Brian Ford.