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Designing a New Booking Tickets Service that Enhance Customer Stay Experience


Hotelzzz aims to provide a home-away-from-home experience for guests around the world. They plan to enable customers to book local activities & tours online to enhance customers' overall stay experience


Growing Such A Business Taking Risks and Could Cost A Lot

Providing robust tours & tickets booking needs tremendous resources and expenses. Barely hotels choose to grow this business, but Marriott (even Marriott has it as a separate business, Marriott Activities vs. Marriott Hotels & Resorts) Meanwhile, a lot of people get scammed by third-party ticket purchases every year. The liability for providing a tour booking service can be pretty high, especially when it's a private / multiple-day tour. More importantly, a bad tour experience could potentially bring discredit to the hotel brand


What if we provide local activities & tours booking as an extra hotel service that bundles closely with the hotel booking experience instead of a separate business?

This solution focuses on providing a convenient flow for guests to book selected activities & tours within the Hotelzzz website. Customers are able to earn extra hotel membership points and purchase those tickets with the points. In addition, it's efficient to bundle with the other hotel services, such as a morning call or rent a car 

play with prototype


Booking Selected Activities & Tours by Stays




Earning Extra Hotel Membership Points by Booking



Bundling with Other Hotel Services 



Easily Managing and Utilizing through Hotel App

 Design Process 


Since I haven't been exposed to Hotel Service Design before, I wanted to get more information before I start to design. I conducted 6 brief user research over the phone to get a deeper understanding of what customers truly valued behind a hotel brand and booking habit  they have in terms of reserving local activities & tours

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? Reasons to choose hotels to stay




? Key Factors will take into consideration while booking activities & tours




Action Words from Research

1. Activities & tours are secure and reliable

2. Quickly book while booking rooms

3. Provide activities recommendation based on time slot

4. Easy to manage the bookings

5. Earn hotel membership points

6. Redeem points for activities & tours 

Visual Design

The part I want to highlight here is the design of the Hotelzzz logo. I borrowed the idea of houzz logo design to create the icon of Hotelzzz in order to improve and strengthen brand awareness as Hotelzzz is a hotel chain that houzz opened. For more visual details, please check my Figma file 

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Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 3.42.57 AM.png

Design Timeline

This is definitely a work for more than 4 hours, I really enjoyed doing it and learned a lot. I spent around 2 hours per day after work on this, below is the detailed timeline. For more details of individual design stage, please check my Figma file

figma-1693589-1442630 (1).png

DAY 01  User Research                

DAY 02  Secondary Research                

DAY 03  User Flow + Wireframe                 

DAY 04  Hi-fi Design                 

DAY 05  Usability Testing + 1 Iteration         

DAY 06  Presentation Preparation  


I viewed a lot of third-party booking websites, hotel websites, and some businesses have points redeem service, such as Chase. In terms of the images I used in this project, they are from Unsplash and GetYourGuide. For the content, the credits will go with San Francisco Theater website and GetYourGuide

Thank you for reading ! :)

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