Idea & Goals

We've noticed that people barely pay attention to the expiration date of their beauty products, such as makeups, skin care products, even fragrances. Apparently, it’s harmful to your skin by using expired beauty stuff. And It’s undoubtedly wasting money to discarding expired beauty products. In order to prevent this kind of wasting, we intended to develop an application that records expiration dates of beauty products and regularly reminds users of the expiration dates. By using this app, users can make the best use of their beauty products, and save some money. 

User Research

As an initial point, we talked to some of our friends and conducted 6 interviews to have a general sense about the problems they meet when managing beauty products and their main expectations from this app.

We also analyzed some popular beauty products shopping applications to get to know more about the habits of users. Based on those researches, we decided the main features of our app and started to draw the function map and user flow as well as build a backed code structure.

FRESH Beauty

Keep Beauty under Management

Nothing lasts forever and the same is true for your beauty products. How many times that you suddenly found your beauty products expired and you used that expired product for several months.


Fresh Beauty is just for you. Making the best use of your beauty products by recording expiration dates of beauty products and regularly receiving notifications before the expired date.


Team & Role
User Research: Lu Liu
UX/UI Designer: Lu Liu
Front-end Developer: Lu Liu
Backend Developer: Shuyue Zheng
Android Mobile Application
Custom Software
Sketch, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator
 Java, Android Studio
1 month

Below three statements stood out and caught our eyes

Competitive Analysis

I found a few applications have similar functions in the App Store. Beauty Keeper is the most popular one I found. I finished the competitive analysis by studying its advantages and roadblocks through comments and a User Study.

Beauty Keeper

Successful Areas

Reading the batch codes to recognize specific beauty products 

Lack of Expericence

No preview images for recorded products

Design Progress


Prototype by