Designer & Developer: Lu Liu
Output: Interactive Installation & Prints & Custom Software (Java, Processing)
Duration: 1 month

Expressive Mirror is an interactive installation to generate real-time digital paintings which expressively reflects objects captured by a web camera. I built a computational model and an NPR (non-photorealistic rendering) system to break every single frame image from the video stream and reassemble it in an abstract form. 

Precisely, the model cuts the whole image into thousands of mini polygons based on an adapted Voronoi algorithm, and each polygon successively rotates and scales at a certain degree. In order to highlight the expression of abstract, the model picks a group of dominant colors from pre-selected featured Cubism paintings from Jean Metzinger and Pablo Picasso. Each polygon compares the color at its center position with the color group to find the closest color in the group to fill. By expressively displaying filtered information of a space, Expressive Mirror provides a real-time environment to dynamically examine the recognition of presence by evoking people to aware the relationship between the subject matter and the objects in the real world.

Exhibitions & Conference:

Selected Poster, ICCC (International Conference on Computational Creativity), June, 2017

This project is exhibited at SBCAST, Santa Barbara, May, 2017

This project is exhibited at UCSB Media Arts&Technology Program 2017 End of Year Show: Rehabituation, May, 2017