Manufacturing Analytics Solution

Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

Data Visualization & UX Designer Intern


I interned as a Data Visualization & UX Designer at BOSCH Center for Artificial Intelligence 2019 summer where I worked with the MAS (Manufacturing Analytics Solution) team for one of Bosch IoT Solution (SaaS)

products to optimize the quality and efficiency of manufacturing 


What did I do?

UX Design:

Created user flow, sketches, and prototypes;

Improved interfaces of existing visualization dashboards

Data Visualization Development: 

Created new production dashboards with Tableau and SQL 

Front-end Development: 

Developed webpages to collect feedbacks for conducting A/B tests

What did I deliver?

I worked closely with data scientists, data engineers, and PMs to provide AI platform solutions. I participated in designing and developing three different projects, individual dashboards

serves a distinct type of customers:

- Standard Descriptive and Predictive Dashboards

- Self-Service Analytics Dashboards

- Advanced Analytics Root Cause Analysis Dashboards

What I learnt?

Be Decisive

Stay Curious

Don't Be Afraid of Asking Questions

Facetune_24-07-2019-00-26-10 2.JPG
IMG_0724 2.JPG

Explore more details of this projects?  

Welcome to email me for the password 

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